When Saturday 17 Nov 2007
Where Royal Kilmainham Hospital, Dublin

Highlighting Excellence at Ireland's Second Pharmacist Award

The annual event, which is supported by Helix Health, attracted an audience of almost 300 to the Royal Kilmainham Hospital in Dublin to raise funds for the Benevolent Trust Fund of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.

Cicely Roche, who spoke on behalf of the Benevolent Trust Fund of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, said that the monies raised by the event would make a very real difference to the families of those associated with pharmacy experiencing difficult times. Mr Howard Beggs, CEO of Helix Health, said his company had been assisting pharmacists deliver top-quality care to their patients over the last 20 years.

He added: “Helix Health is delighted to sponsor the Pharmacist Awards because they provide recognition for the immense contribution that pharmacists from community, hospital and industry make every single day of their working lives. Pharmacists are very often neglected when discussion turns to healthcare, but pharmacists across Ireland play a tremendous role in supporting the healthcare system. And their sheer expertise, professionalism and accessibility mean they have an even bigger role to play.”

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